Custom Concern.
Things I should have said,
Never spoken.
Things I shouldn't have ever said,
Haunting me, broken.

So lost, no idea where to go. I don't feel at home no matter where I live. No idea what I want or where to go.

Blame game.
I talked to my dad last night. We talked for a few hours, giving me a reminder of how shitty things are and how shitty things are going to get. I'm spinning more and more out of control and I can't seem to get a grasp on anything.

More and more lately it seems like the mother of my children is holding at grudge at me. It could be the lack of proper communication, but I usually can sense when she's threatened or upset in some way.
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New Years.
It's a new year. A new journal. A new entry.

Tonight I had my kids with me, we celebrated. I let them stay up and watch Thor. Tomorrow morning they will be leaving to go to Mansfield to stay with their mother, and start a new school year there. It's a rather sad change.

Not sure if I believe in resolutions. I could use improvements in about every aspect though. I don't think I'll really focus on one or a few things, but try to better myself overall.

To a new beginning. Cheers.
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